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For The Birds by alex23546
For The Birds
After hearing that there was a Catdog Creepypasta, I just HAD to do my research and I found one which was a Lost Episode creepypasta called "For The Birds" It starts out (in lost episode creepypasta fashion) Catdog being chased by the Greasers but without warning, Catdog is runover by a train with the tracks and wheels so jagged and rusty that it cuts open Catdog's body exposing their entrails and black crows coming down to pick their insides and fly away into the sun.
Fatal Fleas by alex23546
Fatal Fleas
After seeing the episode "Flea or Die" of Catdog, I wanted to draw Cat on the verge of going insane when he has fleas while dog has the Flea belt.

I just modified it to be more horror / Creepypasta-like.
Very Bad Morning by alex23546
Very Bad Morning
Here's Another Creepypasta-like drawing of Uncle Grandpa, this time as a spider very similar to my first Uncle Grandpa Creepypasta pic.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

:iconmeowfaceplz:WHAT I WILL DRAW:iconmeowfaceplz:

:bulletblack: Fan-Art (Cartoons, Video Games And Etc.)
:bulletblack: Pregnancy (Male Female, Fur Only)
:bulletblack: Weight Gain (Male And Female, Fur Only)
:bulletblack: Inflation (Male And Female, Fur Only)
:bulletblack: Wallpapers
:bulletblack: Sketches

:iconblankstareplz:WHAT I WILL NOT DRAW:iconblankstareplz:

:bulletblack: Racism
:bulletblack: Nudity
:bulletblack: Violence (Extremely Graphic)
:bulletblack: Comics (Don't Have Time For Those)
:bulletblack: Depressing


:bulletred: ART TRADES: Open

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Poem for FurryLovePup

There is a wolfie I know with a loving heart.
His name is Alex, the little puppy of love.
I love to snuggle him, and he makes adorable art.
Like a sweet angel from above.

It’s always fun to watch him dance.
He has such great moves.
It’s like being put in a trance.
By his cuteness and steady grooves.

His wolfie fursona is adorable beyond compare.
He makes you wanna give him a kiss.
I just can’t help but to stare.
His cuteness I simply don’t dismiss.

He’s so lovable and cuddly and cute and snugly.
Every second with him is happy hour.
His personality is fun and bubbly.
And I love to help and give him power.

It’s fun to make him happy.
And to nuzzle his paws.
I like to offer him mine as well.
To play with my toes and claws.

I walk with him through the woods paw in paw.
And I look at his cute smile.
It’s cutest thing I ever saw.
And I kiss him for a little while.

I sit down with him in the shade.
And I give him a big hug.
I wanna warm my sweety cutie.
And make him feel all snug.

I love to love my little puppy.
We are both so very clever.
And no matter what happens.
I will love him forever.

Written By :iconfuwwyfootpaws111:
Made myself a NEW YouTube channel.…
  • Mood: Wow!

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